Pensions Unit
The role of the Unit is to distribute pensions to different categories of pensioners namely (1) Old Age Pension (OAP), (2) Lesotho, liberation Army (LLA), African Pioneer Corps (APC) and Civil Pensions(CP) country wide monthly.

To access Old Age Pension, applicant must apply and attach any one of the following as proof of birth to determine eligibility:

Terminal Benefits Section
This section receives files that are submitted from government ministries and departments for the purpose of auditing each file of the retiring or terminating officer before payment of pension and/or gratuity could be effected. It is the requirement of the pension law to submit the file six months before intended date of retirement. Member of the contributory pension fund are strongly advised to check their pay slips to ensure that they contribute monthly.

Civil pensioners are kindly requested to fill Life Existence forms as proof of existence every last quarter of the financial year.

OAP, LLA and APC Section
This section is responsible for receiving application forms for the payment of Old Age Pension. The form will be screened to establish eligibility and thereafter capture details of the eligible applicant into the system. Applicant must be 70 years or more of age and must not be getting any other pension from the government. Pension fund ceases on the death of the pensioner.

Accounts Section

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