Our Vision

To be a world-class institution in macroeconomic and Public Finance Management, be accountable and of service to Basotho by 2020.

Our Mission

The Ministry is committed to provide quality service that promotes macro-fiscal stability through effective and efficient utilization and management of public funds to meet the clientele needs. These services will be delivered with integrity, through effective teamwork and collaboration with other stakeholders, professionalism and responsiveness.

Our Goals

In today’s ever-changing and developing world, it is necessary that public management and services be restructured in order to maintain economic stability and development, particularly for young economies such as Lesotho, and to overcome the problems experienced. This transformation will inevitably cover improvement of the quality of services in a beneficiary-oriented manner and regulation of current public management so as to be more transparent, accountable and rational. Since its inception, the Ministry of Finance, having undertaken the leading role in many innovations in public management, desires to be a leader in public transformation process through adopting the new approaches in public financial management and thereby to continuously increase the added value it provides to the country. In order to be more effective, the Ministry will have to focus on the following goals:

  • Strengthen macroeconomic management so as to support shared and inclusive growth.

  • Improve domestic and external revenue policies and management to support a competitive, efficient and equitable revenue regime.

  • Strengthen planning, budgeting, monitoring and accountability systems to deliver timely, efficient and effective use of public funds.

  • Put in place and enforce an effective PFM legal framework and systems to ensure transparency and value for money in use of public funds.

  • Improve the investment climate and access to support private sector growth and job creation.

  • Increase opportunities for stakeholders to understand, participate in and contribute to budget policies and decisions.

Our Core Values

We recognise that the Ministry of Finance is the sum total of all the individuals who are involved in the day to day running of the Ministry. It is against this backdrop that we individualise the core values.

Collaboration/Team Work

Each individual official contributes to the completion of assigned projects and recognizes the contributions of others. We shall win as a team and succeed as a team


Each individual ensures that clients are provided with reliable and objective analysis and advice and that their rights to privacy are protected.


Each individual is committed to providing quality services through the efficient use of our resources.


Each individual fulfills requests based on client’s needs.

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