1. Sub-Accountancies

    These are Sub-Treasuries located in all districts to ensure proper accounting for government revenue and expenditure. Every district has office of the Sub-Accountancy.
    The following services are found at the Sub-Accountancies:

    1. Payments of passport fees
    2. Payment of trade licences
    3. Payment of Tourism licences
    4. Buying of revenue stamps

    5. Payments of passports, trader’s licences and tourism licences: services are provided by the ministries within the respective districts but payments are done at the Sub-Accountancies.

      All the ministries’ suppliers are paid at the Sub-Accountancies. The ministries’ officers are responsible to check the suppliers’ payments at the Sub-Accountancies. Suppliers are not allowed to check their own payments at the Sub-Accountancies.

    6. Department of traffic services
      • Registration of cars except Interpol
      • Application of licences but licences are collected in Maseru
      • Special permit
      • F- permit
      • B- permit
      • Application for public licences. Fingerprints are only taken in Maseru
      • Testing of cars

    Services not offered at Sub-Accountancies are:

    • A- permit
    • D- permit

    Department of Traffic is housed within the Sub-Accountancies in all districts except Leribe and Mohale’s Hoek Sub-Accountancies. Hide this content.

  2. Inspectorate

    • To provide support to the Accountant General in discharging the function of ensuring the presence of effective and efficient system of internal controls and system of accounting for revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities.
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  3. Sub-Accountancies coordinating office

    • Monitoring of Sub-Accountancies’ operations to ensure proper accounting for government revenue and expenditure in accordance with the law at district level.
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  4. Main Cashier

    Monitoring of revenue collection, recording, banking and reporting by all ministries.

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