Personal Details
  • Surname: Lebona
  • Name: Nthoateng
  • Gender: Female
Current Positions
  • PS Finance
Academic Qualifications
  • 2008: Graduate Fellow - Financial Programming and Macroeconomic analysis Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa for Macroeconomic and Financial Management Zimbabwe
  • 1996: MSc Agricultural Economics (Policy and Marketing) Wye College (now Imperial College), Kent University of London, United Kingdom
  • 1993: BA Economics/Sociology National University of Lesotho Roma, Lesotho.
  • 1986: COSC St. Stephens High School Mohale' s Hoek, Lesotho.
Experience and Skills
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 Lesotho Institutes of Accountants
 Lesotho Revenue Authority
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 Bureau of Statistics
 Lesotho Millenium Development Angency
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 African Development Bank
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